Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthdays and Hamsters

October 3rd is a great day. It’s Steve’s birthday. We love to celebrate Steve’s birthday around here because he is younger than I am. If I stop celebrating mine, and make a big deal out of his, he will catch up. Right? Today is also my nephew Patrick’s birthday. Happy b-day dude.

Steve decided to spend his birthday backpacking and fishing. That was fine. Maggie and I can hang back and eat all the cake. I actually invited some girlfriends over for the evening. The weather changed everything. This is generally the warmest time of the year in San Francisco and very nice throughout Northern California. Not this year. The first storm of the season should hit this evening and in the area they were planning to backpack that could mean snow. He is staying here. I cancelled the girlfriends and Maggie and I will cook up a nice dinner and make a cake instead.

This quick plan change seems to be the norm this week. I have things scheduled one on top of
the other and I am supposed to be in two places at once every day for the next week. How does that happen? I am just minding my own business riding this hamster wheel. It not only goes faster and faster, but also it seems to have various off-ramps and detours of its own.

Today I need to get Maggie launched, which is a frantic race to the bus. After she’s gone I have to head downtown to retrieve some records from a doctor’s office – and I have been instructed to bring a shopping bag. Then I will meet my cousin and my aunt to review some old family pictures quickly and excuse myself to get back across town for Maggie’s field trip to the Blues Festival. (Tough duty),When Maggie heads back to school I will go straight to the fish market and vegetable store and get home before Maggie’s bus because we don’t have a nurse this afternoon. All errands have to be completed by 3:30. Then Maggie and I will cook the dinner and make the cake. This is impossible – but trying will be fun.

Next week is very much the same, every day. Two places at once. I should ditch the hamster wheel and get rabbits. They’re faster and they multiply.

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