Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boyz on the Move

Both of my sons are on the move this weekend. The older, Eddie, is heading across the country to North Carolina to compete in the Collegiate National Mountain Bike Races. He does the downhill and double slalom events, I think. The events chage from race to race. Downhill is consistent, but others change around. Hopefully he will return to school next week with all his bones still connected and all his teeth still in his mouth. He told me he never wanted to be mentioned in this blog. Sorry, dude. This is
B I G. Good luck.

The younger son, Tim, is coming home! He has use of #1 son’s car while he is racing and he’s coming home for the weekend. That’s good. It has been two months since we’ve seen him and I know Steve and I are both looking forward to it. But that pales in comparison to Maggie’s excitement. She is very happy that he is coming back. She’s been stuck with just her old geezer parents since he left.
Maggie and Tim have a special bond. They always have. He just scoops her up out of her wheelchair or off of the floor, plops down in the chair with her, and asks about her day. He will give her the play by play of whatever game he is watching and ask her opinion on game strategy. She just laughs. I’m pretty sure he confides in her too, because she is VERY good at keeping secrets. She adores him. Don’t get me wrong, she loves both of her brothers; and Eddie is very good to her too. But there is just a connection there between Maggie and Tim that is different. It’s probably because it was just Maggie and Tim after Eddie left for school. They had to team up against the evil parents.

When Maggie is excited, she pumps her right arm really fast. It is very funny to see. Think Arsenio Hall’s “whoop” move and put it on a fast speed. She started doing that about a year ago and it’s very consistent when she’s excited. I ask her if she is looking forward to seeing Tim and then I have to get out of her way or that arm will mow me down.
Wait until Thanksgiving when she has BOTH of them here. We can harness that arm energy as an alternative fuel source.
Tim and Mag the day he left
for school

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