Friday, October 31, 2008

Meals on Wheels

The waiting is over. The Maggie costume is complete and she is off to school to wow all the middle schoolers. My husband is the creative genius. I say “how about this?” And he just creates it. Maggie was very well pleased.

We call it Meals on Wheels. (with all due credit to the wonderful organization of the same name)

We had to go with the chef, since one of her favorite things to say is “Cook please!” (see entry Sept 18) She is wearing my chef’s jacket that has been altered with duct tape (amazing stuff!) and of course the hat. But the stove is the hit. Steve even made burners by cutting paper into coils and then spray painting them. The oven door even opens.
There is a question how long that door will last, Maggie’s feet are strapped in, but even with that, her extension is pretty extreme and the door was bulging before she boarded the bus. For sure, the oven will not heat evenly. Ha!

You know the bus driver and his famous Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! (see entry Sept 24)as the lift comes down. (Maggie still laughs at that every day.) This morning he shouted, THE OVEN IS EXTREMELY HOT DANGER! DANGER! Maggie was hysterically laughing. She is pretty excited.

Happy Halloween Ghosts and Goblins. It is a rainy day in San Francisco. Hope it stops in time for the trick or treaters. If not I am going to have to eat a LOT of candy.

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