Friday, August 14, 2009

3rd Circle of Corporate Hell

I have already begun the huge job of dealing with my aunt's estate. It will be a ton of work for a few months and then it will be done. I have to wait to get into the thick of the financial stuff, but for now I have been going through papers, stopping the newspaper, forwarding the mail, turning off the phone and the cable, etc. I explain the situation, give them my name and address for final bills etc. Each thing is a little step forward. Done, check! I don't have to think about them anymore.

Until last night.

I received this call from comcast, her cable TV provider.

C: this is comcast, I would like to speak to Alice please

Me: pausing "she's not here". ( that made me sad)

C ( a bit impatiently) Can I at least leave a message for her.

Me: well, you're going to have to , she passed away 2 weeks ago.

She was flummoxed for a minute but went right into her pitch. I stopped her and said, if you want her to buy anything shes not interested. (still trying to keep it light)

She said in a very matter of fact way (obviously reading from something , "well, I have information that she reduced or canceled her serviced and did not return the box or the remote."

dramatic pause by me....Well...see... she died. And I told the representative that yesterday when I canceled the service.

C -( Matter of factly), Ok. when can you return the box.

M - You are going to have to come and get it. The comcast guy is in her building every single day and I can leave it with the doorman.

C. Please hold.

M holding {and now fuming} ...

after a while.. C . "we can send you a box/kit and you can UPS it back to us."

Me (digging in) no. you are going to have to come and get it. She lived in a hig rise, comcast is in there every day.

I will have to transfer you to customer care. Please be aware this call may be recorded for quality purposes

M: too late for that. But go ahead and transfer me

C:Ok, first, What is your name...

Sally McDonald


No, Sally.


Me: {spelling} S A L L Y.

Oh Sally, sweetie, I'm sorry. {"sweetie?".... really?... I didn't say a word}

can you hold while I transfer you to customer care.....

One more thing -- ok and her address was assisted living place?

Me (exasperated} NO! it was downtowh highrise apartment. She transferred the service back to her home when she returned. I specifically discussed this with the guy yesterday because i wanted to make sure there was no confusion. Service was fine, box is fine, remote is fine, It worked at the new address. I'm happy to give them back to you, but I want you to come and get them.

Please hold.

L O N G H O L D T I M E (lilke 10 minutes)

thank for waiting sally, we appreciate your patience, i'm going to put you back on hold.

fine - but I don't have any of her paperwork here, it's all at her house.

Please hold

a n o t h e r l o n g w a i t.

I'm sorry ma'am I can't reach anyone in customer service in your area as the offices are closed (ya think> it's 8:45 PM)
I can give you an 800 number and you can call t....

ME: No. If they want it they can call me. This has been offensive from start to finish.

C L I C K.

Valley/Nally/Sally: POURS LARGE GLASS OF WINE and briefly wonders if her aunt is making prank calls from Heaven. .

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