Monday, August 10, 2009

Silver linings

There are always good things in bad situations. All you have to do is look.

Even though last week was consumed with details of planning and attending my aunt's funeral, which was tiring and sad, it was wonderful to connect with cousins and other relatives.

As I was looking through a giant box of jewelry from my aunt's apartment I had a brilliant idea. My aunt had a ton of stuff - not valuable, just accessories that she wore beautifully. Things that look ridiculous on most women were always just right on her. I floated the idea of all the women wearing one of her necklaces at the funeral. My cousins and sisters were all for it. There were probably 40 or 50 of us bejeweled in AM's finery at the funeral.

Another good thing was more personal. My cousin Peg from Seattle spent some time at my house on Saturday before getting her flight back. Because she lives in Washington she has not spent much time with Maggie. We sat on the back deck having some cheese and crackers while Maggie sat in her chair listening to her nurse Josephine read a book. I attached the talker and Maggie told Peg jokes and "conversed" with us. I watched as Peg realized how smart Maggie really is.

Don't get me wrong, people believe me. They believe what I'm saying. But experiencing it first hand is something different. And (selfishly) I love to watch the realization hit home. As Maggie bored of talking with us she maneuvered her talker and said "Josephine, Book please." Peg just looked surprised and delighted. She said, Wow!, she wants Josephine to continue reading."

I just smiled. Fortunately Peg was so taken with Maggie's smarts that she annoyed her rudeness. She was DONE talking to us.

Finally I also learned that my cousin's son Davis is an "almost daily reader" of this blog. So hey Davis!! Now I know I have a connection all the time. That's better than a silver lining.

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