Tuesday, September 8, 2009

100 years of strong women

The long holiday weekend comes to a close just as the Bay Bridge re-opens. Hmm. The Circle of Life. (Ok, that's a stretch).

The circle of life is never far from my thoughts these days, though, as I clean out my aunt's apartment. There are so many things, most of them just the incidental items of her life; but many trigger happy memories and others are puzzle pieces of family history that need to be connected.

Yesterday I started boxing up books and rifled through the pages of each to remove any papers or identifying information. I found a bunch of pictures in a book about Hollywood, of all things. (Not sure of the significance of that, if any). Among those pictures was one of my grandmother Rose who died 20 years before I was born. There aren't very many pictures of her and I stopped and looked at it for several minutes. I can see so many of my relatives in her face, especially my cousin Moira. But I also see Maggie. They were born almost exactly 100 years apart but there is a resemblance.

That made me happy. It's important to be connected to the past even if only by the shape of your nose and some delicate features.

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