Friday, September 18, 2009

Sleepless in SF

I didn't turn out the light until midnight last night. I was relaxed and comfortable for the first time in days. That cortisone shot really did the trick. About 80% of the pain was gone within a couple of hours. Apparently I can look forward to the remaining 20% disappearing in the next 24 hours. The relief will last for weeks and, coupled with the physical therapy, may take care of the problem all together. (fingers crossed)

It appears, however, that I have a side effect from that shot. Insomnia. This is very unusual for me. Because of the lack or predictability in meeting Maggie's needs, I have trained my self to sleep any time any where for any amount of time. A 10 minute power nap is not problem for me. I can lay down and fall asleep for as long as I need it or as long as possible, depending on the situation. Not this time, though.

I slept only 3 hours, woke up ready to face my day at 3AM. I lay there thinking about the million things I have to do to today and regretted the fact the few if any could be done in the middle of the night. I lay there for about 90 minutes and then came downstairs and started my day. The nurse was snoozing in the chair and Maggie was quietly sleeping. I let them be. I didn't want to freak her out.

After a bit I heard the feeding pump alarm go off and the nurse responded immediately. I really don't care that she snoozes, everything has alarms, including the SAT monitor. which measures heart rate and oxygen levels in the bloodstream. That monitor is essential and has a loud alarm if either changes to levels outside the set parameters.

Not sure how many of the million things will happen. Once I get Maggie off to school I may try to sleep some. I'm going to a play tonight that a friend wrote so I have to get some shut eye to avoid loud snores during the performance. That would be very difficult to explain. No, Bill, really it was GOOD. Don't mind me.

Have a good Friday!

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  1. Sally,

    I was thinking about you. Pain is such a pain in the ass!! Glad the shot helped and you're on the road to recovery:) Have a great weekend...

    Amanda and girls


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