Monday, April 5, 2010

Dance of Joy

In this house, the first day back to school after a vacation is a great day. Both Maggie and I are happy for opposite reasons. I am happy to have the freedom and Maggie is happy to have some structure to her day. Weare each doing our own version of the Dance of Joy. It’s a win win.

Spring Break was boring for Maggie. It was rainy and cold and many of our outings were cancelled because of rain or because we were waiting for painters or because her chair was broken. There was a lot of hanging out. As fascinating a personality as I am, that gets a tad boring for Maggie.

I really do not understand why they have the vacation the week before the holiday. Despite sitting around for most of the week, Easter Sunday was busy busy busy and Maggie went back to school exhausted. Not every student celebrates Easter, of course and many of those who do celebrate don’t get as wiped out as Maggie does after an outing, but it is curious nonetheless.

We had two affairs yesterday first to my mom’s house for an informal lunch with my sibs and a few cousins. At the last minute, we decided to leave Maggie home so she would have the stamina to make it out to my in laws house later in the day. That proved to be a good plan. The nurse came at 7AM and Steve and I went to church, made food and headed over to my moms.

Maggie’s stamina was the main reason for our decision, but we also have to consider the difficulty of getting Maggie into a place when the boys are not here to help. (Their Spring break was a couple of weeks ago.) Between my shoulder and Steve’s back, it would have been too much to get Maggie up the stairs to my moms. My nephews would happily have helped, but sometimes you just have to say “enough” and give in to the situation.

My in-laws were very pleased to see Maggie and she was on her best behavior. She loves the long car ride over there because it means either Steve or I have to sit in the back with her so we can suction if need be. It was I this time – Maggie helped me with the crossword puzzle.

Overall, it was a lovely Easter. I do miss the boys and the (non)traditional egg hunt we always had when they were little. Steve always did a fantastic job utilizing their toys to display the eggs. We had teenage mutant turtles, G.I.Joes, and all sorts of sport figures holding little chocolate eggs. Because he knew I was nostalgic, he set up a few on the stairs to surprise me. I had to send this picture  to the boys to say Happy Easter. I hope you all had a good Easter weekend, even if it’s not a holiday you celebrate

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