Saturday, May 29, 2010

One More day

It's late Saturday night and I am at home. Maggie is still in the hospital, but she has her own nurse there so I can grab som sleep.I need to be back by 6AM.

In all liklihood she will come home tomorrow. We were close to coming home today until the doctor and I both realized at the same moment how high Maggie's oxygen requirement was. It is delivered differently in the hospital than we do it at home and I didn't realize the calculations would figure so high.I would have had to keep her at 10litres which would drain my tank every day. The doctor thought it was "premature" to release her and I had to agree. When I hesitate, there is no way anyone else will agree, I'm always the one insisting we can handle things at home.

There will be a ton for us to do when she gets home. She will now have six additional aerosol treatments every day. She already gets four, and they take 15-30 minutes each. That nebulizer will be going non stop. There are new drugs too, but we will switch those out for a couple we are dropping off.

We never left the ICU. She will be discharged from there, which is great. I really wish there was a place for her. She really is too complicated for the floor and (happily) not sick enough to need the ICU, but they have to err on the side of safety. Still, I hear rumblings that she shouldn't be here, etc. That's only the odd person - 98% are very gracious and professional. But it's always the grumblings that stay with you.

I'm off to hit the pillow for about four solid hours. Have to be up at five(ish) and out the door at 5:45.


  1. So glad to hear Maggie's doing better and you've got some sleep. Hope you get home soon.


  2. I'm imagining y'all at home and that is a good thing despite a constantly running nebulizer. Will come back soon looking for more good news.


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