Monday, June 7, 2010

Deep Breath for Monday!

I have to admit I'm a little relieved to see Monday arrive after such a busy weekend. We have a long boring week at home now. Good for me, not good for Maggie. I have to make sure we get out every day or she will go out of her mind. It's a balance, though. We can't go out too much; Summer school starts next week and she has a ways to go before she could attend school.

Maggie's health is improving everyday. She is still needing supplemental oxygen, but the amount has decreased. She can't quite get over the hump and kick the habit, but we will continue to try. We measure her "sat" or the oxygen saturation in her blood. Normal healthy folk have a sat between 95 and 100%. If we can keep Maggie above 92, she doesn't need supplemental oxygen.

When she was her sickest last week the O2 was going full blast. If it was off for a second the numbers would drop immediately and precipitously. (like down to the 70s) Now I remove it for 20 minutes or so and she hovers in the high 80's. She's getting there. She is building her stamina but it takes a while after such a nasty infection. She just doesn't have the capacity yet.

Steve was in bed for three days last week presumably with the same bug. I was hit Friday afternoon, but on me it's just a bad head cold. I still made it to Coghlan Beach, for a drink with some friends and to two graduation parties, but I took a lot of naps and drank a ton of water. If I hadn't gone out to all of those things I'd probably be over it, but each was important to me. 

Maggie stayed in most of the weekend, but she made the trek on Sunday when we returned to Coghlan Beach to show my sister Mary the new sign. The path is newly accessible so we thought Maggie should get to come. Her grandfather would love this shot. (But looking at it made me realize how pale she still is, even though she's wearing the oxygen.)

Maggie had a great time getting out and it seemed to invigorate her a bit. We will have outings every day this week even as we launch "operation lung capacity." It will be good for both of us.

Maybe I can ditch the afternoon nap.


  1. I'm glad that it's Monday for you, too, and happy to hear that Maggie is making some progress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's ready for summer school next week.

    How wonderful to have an accessible beach area to go to -- and despite her "paleness," Maggie sure looks happy.

  2. Happy to read all the positive news and hoping for more. Barbara


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