Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Town, Summer in the City

 In San Francisco you know it's summer because the fog gets extremely thick and the temperature drops 10 degrees.Summer officially arrived June 21 and the fog arrived at the same time, right on schedule.

On Sunday the 27th the day dawned warm and beautiful. We have learned to take advantage of these occasional fog free days. Maggie and Steve and I were in Golden  Gate Park before 9AM and thoroughly enjoyed the lovely weather, wandering through the renovated Rhododendron Dell and then the rose garden which was in full bloom.

Maggie loves the nice weather and gets into the spirit immediately when the sun comes out. We just slather on the sunblock and head out. Maggie can't take too much heat, but it never gets that hot here. Our natural air conditioning (fog) always comes back This little glimpse of summer was no exception.

It's Monday night and the fog is back.

Summer 2010 was great. This year it fell on a Sunday.


  1. You really are quite funny, and it appears that Maggie is, too!

  2. Ahhhh summer in San Francisco, I remember it well. Usual temp of 59 and heavy sweatshirts.....

    Amanda and the girls


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