Friday, July 30, 2010

All the World's a Stage

After our foray into the world of high finance on Wednesday, Maggie and I decided to stay close to home yesterday. We went for a nice long walk in Golden Gate Park. It was foggy and drippy, but we went to the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden and walked by the museum and Academy of Sciences. We couldn’t go in because we had the dog.
 We did spend quite a bit of time in the concourse area. I think Maggie finally found an appropriate stage at the Bandshell in the Concourse

Today’s adventure has yet to be planned.  I am running out of ideas and energy and there’s still two weeks to go.  The weekend won’t be a problem. Maggie’s brother Eddie is coming home and that will keep her entertained.
Happy Weekend all!

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  1. Ah -- running out of things to do -- the glories of summer when our beautiful girls are out of school and normal routines --e


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