Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Request line is Open

Request line is open

Maggie loves listening to her music. It is pop music that used to drive me ‘round the bend, but now it’s just part of our daily life. We have the original “Maggie Mix” from her 15th birthday party, then there’s Maggie Mix 2010, which is playing right now, and just last week she received a mixed cd from her teacher. We call that one “Ms. Taylor’s gift.” We listen to all three all the time. You know this music is always on when Steve is sitting at the dinner table singing “she wears short skirts I wear t-shirts” along with Taylor Swift – she is not exactly his favorite

There are duplications on the three mixes because there are a few songs that Maggie just HAS TO HAVE. Several songs are on two of the lists, but the only song on all three cd’s is Single Ladies by Beyonce. She even has it programmed into her talker. If things are too quiet around here you will hear Maggie’s dynavox say, “Mom, I want all the single ladies put their hands up.*” That is easy. I can start any of the three playlists and we are set. Single ladies is the first song on each list. When I loaded the latest Cd onto my iTunes, I mixed up the order somehow. When I started it and Single Ladies didn’t play, Maggie just slammed NO over and over. I skipped forward until it came on and then she was happy. I fixed my iTunes order in short order.

If she just wants music, any of the three playlists will do. Single Ladies starts to play and Maggie is happy as a clam. If, however, she has a specific playlist in mind she starts squirming when the second song starts to play. Though Single Ladies is her favorite song, I believe her favorite artist in Lady Gaga and she figures prominently on each of the three lists. Yesterday as Lady Gaga was singing Alejandro, Maggie started hitting her talker and said, “Mom, I want to hold ‘em like they do in Texas please.*” That is a line from the song Poker Face and she knew it wasn’t on the same playlist as Alejandro, so I had to change it. I am amazed by her abilities, but I confess I wish we shared the same taste in music.

This week Maggie and I are attending “Girls Rock” came – which I will expound on in a separate post. The girls are invited to bring in any music they want to. Today the iPod and player are coming to camp with us.

*these phrases are programmed in. Maggie just hits “mom” and then finds the phrase with the lyric she wants. For folks who are not as attuned to pop music it sounds nonsensical, but those of us in the know are impressed.

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  1. Sally I know what you're going through. I have two 10 year old girls with their own ipod touches and all I hear is that same music that Maggie is listening to...lol!!!

    Amanda and the girls


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