Monday, August 30, 2010

Bobble Head

The weekend started off with a bang.  Actually, it was more like a snap. At 5:30PM on Friday, Maggie’s headrest snapped off her wheelchair again.  You may remember this repair was done a few months ago and the Wheelchair tech pronounced is “Maggie proof”. I doubted him then and told him never to say anything like that out loud. Just goes to show you…

Maggie cannot use the chair without the headrest and I thought we were facing a long weekend of laying in bed or lying on the floor, but we forgot that Dad is a mad scientist/genius. He put some brackets on it to hold it together until we can get it fixed today. It is very wobbly sided to side, and Maggie looks a bit like a bobble head, but it’s usable. Dad saved the weekend!!

Good thing, too, because Maggie had some plans. On Saturday we were hobnobbing.  Maggie and I  attended the campaign kickoff for Margaret Brodkin’s run for the San Francisco School Board.  Anyone who has raised a child in San Francisco in the past 30 years knows who Margaret Brodkin is; or they have benefitted from some program she created even if they don’t know her name.  She has been a tireless advocate for children, and has made a few political enemies in this town because she doesn’t compromise her devotion to children. If you want more info on Margaret Brodkin and her campaign, check her out here or on Facebook. If you go to her facebook page you will see this picture of Maggie and I with our friends Lily and Lori.  (you can see Maggie looks less than comfortable because her headrest is loose.)

 Lori is one of those moms I talked about a couple of weeks ago. We connected when our girls were very young and have been a source of support for each other ever since. Lily, who just started high school, is on the Youth Commission for San Francisco.  Margaret Brodkin acknowledged Lily and another member of that commission in her speech. Maggie and I just basked in her fame.    

Sunday Maggie and Steve and I headed up to the Marin Farmers’ Market. It was lovely and I thought Maggie would really enjoy the nice weather, the colors and the aromas of the market. Meh.  She was less than enthralled. I don’t think it’s very comfortable for her to have that thing moving about and she has to concentrate too hard on her to relax and enjoy herself.  I liked it though and we had a delicious dinner with the bounty from the market.

 I sent her to school this morning in that wobbly chair. The first appointment I could get for a repair is at 2:00 PM. I will just pick Maggie up at school at 1:30 and we will head down there together. Maggie and I will hang out on the mat while the chair is repaired. I will caution Chris, the wheelchair tech, against making any proclamations about the chair being Maggie proof.

If she hears that, it becomes a direct challenge.   

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  1. I'd love to hear what sorts of things entertain Maggie, as I seem to remember one of your posts describing that she doesn't like television. Neither does my Sophie, and I'm hard put to "entertain" her.


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