Friday, September 24, 2010


It's Friday, and it's currently 79degrees in San Francisco with more of the same forecast for the weekend. Summer has arrived!   Yes, I know the date, SF is always just a little out of step with everywhere else, weather is no exception.

Maggie is a little peaked, so we will probably take it a bit easy. Tomorrow morning we will walk over to Golden Gate Park to watch her friend A.J. play soccer. It's early in the morning and we can enjoy the weather without getting too hot, walk the dog and cheer for the soccer team all at the same time.

I like this time of year. The hubbub of starting school is over and the wildness of the holidays (Haloween to NewYear) hasn't started. There are few if any demands. I wish I coule bottle these days and spread them out for use over the more hectic times of the year.

Enjoy your weekend all.

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