Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Damn! Visitors!

It is another beautiful day in San Francisco. It is hot for us, 93 yesterday and about the same or hotter today, but it’s nothing compared to what LA is dealing with. (108 yesterday).  Because this weather is so short lived in San Francisco, the city is not at all set up for this.  Except for high rises and shopping malls, nothing is air-conditioned. All around town widows are flung open hoping to catch the smallest whiff of a breeze. People look great and happy in the morning but wilted and wiped out in the afternoon.

Maggie looks wilted all the time. This is too hot for her and we just pour water into her tube to keep her going. I know it will not last long and she will be fine, but she is not comfortable. Having to sit in that chair with the black neoprene seat covering is awful. It is like a sweat machine on a cool day, so you can only imagine how she feels now.   

She has been enjoying the last couple of days, though, because we have had a visitor. Maggie is always thrilled to have another person to entertain.  My friend Grace stayed with us for a few days while she was in town; this is her second visit in a few weeks. Grace and I went to high school together, but she moved to New York City 30 years ago. She is the cookbook author I've written about before.  Last night as I sat in my tank top trying to get the window to open farther, Grace sat in a sweater laughing at us complaining about the heat.  She forgets the very narrow range of acceptable temperatures we have her in SF. Anything below 50 is brutally cold and anything about 80 is incredible hot. I am not sure Maggie and I would make it in New York City.

Grace left this morning, but it will not be long before Maggie has more visitors. I spoke to Eddie yesterday and he is coming home on Saturday because he has a bike race in the Bay Area on Sunday. It is perfect timing because Sunday is Steve’s birthday.  Maggie is excited that her brother is coming home; but that was only the beginning. Eddie said some of the bike team members might stay here too and I said that’s fine. He said they can sleep in tents in the back yard. The antennae went up. What? How many guys are coming? Eddie paused and said,"I’m not sure yet, but there were 17 this weekend. "


 Seventeen college bike riders staying in this little house? WHAAA? And they are each bringing at least one bicycle? Not sure where it will all fit or how we will figure out the bathroom situation, but what the heck.  Of course, I said yes. It is the last time because Eddie is graduating in December. They will be here all of 12 hours, arriving after the race on Saturday and leaving early Sunday morning. I will put the feedbag on and send them to their race with a hot breakfast. I told Eddie they all have to bring a present for Dad’s birthday.

Maggie will be delighted to have a completely new crew to entertain. Steve and I will greet them like this

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  1. Oh, gosh. I love that photo. It actually sounds like fun to me -- all those kids in your house! Are you making pancakes?


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