Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween (Candy) Hangover

Halloween is over. We had a gaggle of trick or treaters and I was worried we were going to run out of candy. I adopted a more miserly approach to handing it out. We made it - and then I found the OTHER bags of candy. I KNEW I bought enough. I have two giant bags of Reese's peanut butter cups and Kit Kats in the freezer. Neither sounds appealing to me, I have that "I wish I had a teeth cleaning" feeling today from sneaking pieces of candy.

Trick or treat time coincided with the Giants World Series game. We watched the game as the doorbell rang over and over again. Excited little kids came to the door as their parents at the bottom of the stairs asked the score and the inning. They didn't really need to ask, though, because everytime something good happened you could hear shouts all over the neighborhood including our house. Maggie jumped every time we shouted but would then melt into giggles as we celebrated along with our friend Lexi  who was over to get a trick or treater fix and watch the game..

Maggie did not participate in trick or treating. It's not because she was ill, it's just not something we can practically do.  Stairs and wheelchairs don't mix and Halloween candy and feeding tubes don't mix. One of her nurses brought over a bumblebee costume for Maggie but is wasn't going to work in her chair. She just wore the yellow and black leg warmers on her arms. We decided those were good luck. The second I put them on her one of  the Giants hit a home run in the World Series. We wouldn't let her take them off until the game was over. She happily complied.  She ripped them off as soon as the Giants won, though.

This year the pumpkin carvings had a Giants theme. It was too easy. The Giants colors are Orange and Black and pumpkins like this with the Giants loge were everywhere.

We were, however the only family to have carved watermelons at all, and the intricate baseball theme was greatly appreciated and widely photographed.

All credit to my husband for the creativity.

All credit to the Giants for going up 3-1. They can win it all tonight!


  1. Didn't know Steve was so talented in the watermelon department! :)
    Glad to hear Maggie weathered the latest procedure. I was thinking of you during the World Series.


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