Monday, December 6, 2010


Eddie and his girlfriend Grace

We survived graduation weekend. Maggie survived the weekend without us. I am exhausted, but very happy we went. 

Eddie had an entourage in town to join in the festivities. There were 11 of us for dinner on Friday and 15 for lunch following the graduation. We went to an Irish Pub for lunch and the food and service were both excellent. The menu was hilarious with various Irish dishes, real (Sheperds' Pie) or invented (Irish egg rolls). Steve felt compelled to order the "Scotch Eggs" which are hard boiled eggs rolled in sausage and then deep fried.It sounded like something that would stop your heart immediately. I tried a bite. Not delicious, but not as disgusting as it sounds, either.

The highlights - well, graduation itself, of course. My mother wearing all silver jewelry because she was in Nevada, the Silver state, and putting Grace's parents, who we just met, through the acid test of an outing with our family. 


  1. What fun, and congratulations to your son. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound and that Maggie is fine, too.

  2. Wonderful! So happy to read this. They are a cute couple...

    We learned about Scotch eggs a few years ago at the Renaissance Festival. Hubby actually cooked some once. "as disgusting as it sounds" could leave a wide range of "not delicious". Just saying.



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