Monday, January 10, 2011

Dr. Mom

Maggie is sick. At 8:00 AM I called the doctor to report symptoms of Maggie's and thought she had pneumonia. she was doing all right and I sent her to school, but something was "off". I had to go get her because the school nurse had to keep giving her oxygen. She wasn't terribly ill, but this is not normal.

I called urgent care and waited 30 minuted for someone to answer the phone (do they understand the definition of "URGENT?")  They gave me an appointment and then called back and instructed me to go straight to the ER. I silently groaned. Maggie wasn't really sick enough for the ER, it would take longer and we would be taking up apace that someone else could use. On the way up there my call to the pulmonology nurse was returned. I told her we were on our way. 

While we were in there Maggie kept telling me on her talker that she wanted to go home. her sentence was"Mom, I want to go in car. Home" I said Sorry, Mag, we have to wait. Finally the resident came in. He was a handsome young guy who was very sweet to Maggie. He ordered a chest xray and left the room quickly grabbing Maggie's hand to say good bye.

Maggie paused, cleared her talker and made the following sentence, "Mom, I am sick".

I laughed at her and said, you just want to hang out with the cute doctor, don't you. she signed "yes" and laughed so hard she started coughing like crazy.

After 3 hours, they decided Maggie does indeed have pneumonia.  I ran into someone in the elevator back to the car and told him the story. He said, Dr. Mom is always right. As I left the elevator full of doctors I said, "My life would be so much easier if they would just give me a license."

I'm off to the pharmacy to get two more prescriptions.

in other news (literally) I was contacted by a reporter named Rob Reuteman recently. He was doing a story on the financial implications of raising a seriously ill child. Maggie and I became the example family. For someone who never met Maggie, he really managed to "get" her and the situation. Check out the article here


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this -- I know from your past posts how difficult pneumonia can be for Maggie and for your family. I wish her a speedy recovery.

    And now I'm off to read about the little celebrity!

  2. Sally I hope you write that book that you started. Quite an interesting story.

    Amanda and the girls

  3. As one chick with a nasty respiratory infection to another, feel better soon Maggie!



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