Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goldilocks and the three beds

We are about to give Maggie her second new mattress in three days. That's painful when the Christmas bills are still rolling in. So much for that spending freeze we were going to go on.

As I mentioned the other day, I am on a tear to get rid of things in this house. I want to get my office out of the dining room and into one of the bedrooms upstairs. The dining room will look better and I can hide my mess upstairs.  It's hard for me to get any work done when the nurse are with Maggie. When they need my help I can run downstairs. On the other hand when I'm on my own with Maggie I can just bring the laptop down, I don't need all the supplies and machines around me all the time.

Before I can do that, though, we need to clean out as much stuff as possible from that back room. We do need to have a bed in there still, but we are going to make it a full instead of a single - or at least we were. That's out now. The single bed in there has a fantastic mattress. Maggie's mattress is terrible and old and should have been tossed years ago. Ironic, isn't it. NO one sleeps in the bed upstairs and Maggie probably spends 2/3 of her life in or at least on the bed.  Out with the old one and bring the good one down to Maggie's room.

Turns out the good one is too good. It has a pillow top on it and it is too high to be safe for Maggie. Maggie's bed was custom made by Steve. It is a large box set about four feet up off the ground.  The side rails are the key to keeping this constantly moving child in place.

There is still a little bit of room between the top of the mattress and the rails, but when she gets going she could easily fall out. It has to go back upstairs. Here's a comparison of the old and the new. Look at the openings on the rail. There is at least four or five inches of difference. When shes on top of the new mattress she is right at the rail. You can see in the old mattress pictures how she hangs her legs over the edge. No question she could flip herself right out and it's a long way to the floor from there.


new - and being replaced

The old one is NOT coming back, though.It's too disgusting.  I went to Mattress Discounters and bought a new one yesterday. I might be the first customer they had to insist the mattress could not be too high. I started to explain why, but just stopped mid sentence. It was too complicated.

The mattress was supposed to be delivered today, but the only time they could do it was between 5 and 8 PM. I told them to wait until tomorrow. They won't guarantee that will be any different, but hope springs eternal. I need to get it covered in the allergy/dust cover and then get the bed made, which requires some rigorous climbing. I can't do that when Maggie is in the house needing all her interventions. If they can't do it while she's at school tomorrow I will have them leave it and Steve and I will do it Saturday morning.

Because our little Goldilocks has to have a mattress that's juuuuuust right.

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  1. Look on the bright side, she might be Goldilocks, but at least you're not re-enacting the Princess and The Pea!



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