Thursday, January 20, 2011

A moving farewell

I cancelled the bus Thursday because Maggie had  an appointment at 2:30 and we would be late if she took the bus. That appointment was subsequently cancelled, but too late to get the bus back. So I drover her to school and picked her up. 

I arrived at school around 2:10, a bit before dismissal. There were some kids leaving and others milling in the hallways, just like we all remember the end of a high school day. When we were leaving I found myself in the midst of a group of about 6 guys who looked quite cool. As they separated, some going downstairs, some out the door etc, they were saying their good byes.

In MY day it might have been "See ya later" or just "later" then it was "Be cool: or the ever popular head nod. 

In parting one of these cool guys said to the other - "Stay Regular""

"STAY REGULAR?" That's "good bye?"

I will say that at my age that means something very different. 

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