Monday, February 21, 2011

Bobble Head redux.

I hate being right all the time.

Maggie's wheelchair repair took place Friday. I dragged her down there in the rain because they told me  it was imperative that she be there. They didn't need her at all. Arrgh. Most of the pieces they ordered either weren't there or wouldn't work with the configuration of the chair. Arrgh. I sent a rather pointed email to the therapists and their supervisor.

Nothing was ordered regarding the ongoing problems with the headrest. I told the guy it was going to break and he said "no it's fine."  It was fine, for 48 hours. Guess what broke this morning? AAARRGH. Right now she is stuck. We cannot go anywhere with the chair like this. It is unsafe and extremely uncomfortable. Steve is going to try to cobble something together so Maggie can go out this morning or at least go to school tomorrow.

Other that that, though, the weekend was great.

Poor Brisco cannot get used to the cone on his head and is constantly knocking into things. He tried to fit between the front seats in the van while I was driving yesterday and changed the radio station with his cone. He also hasn't quite figured out that when he ear itches it doesn't do him any good to scratch. We have been awakened to the sound of his claw on the plastic cone scratching furiously. It's hilarious.

Maybe we should try that cone on Maggie. That way when the headrest snaps she won't get hurt.

I better watch out what I joke about - that will be the next suggestion.

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