Monday, February 14, 2011

Get your Heart a Pumpin'

Happy Valentine's Day all. Maggie brought a homemade valentine for everybody in her classroom along with a  box of store bought valentine cookies.  I went by the classroom this morning and they were enjoying themselves.

There was a reporter doing a story on the budget and how some of the proposed cuts will effect  people. As it currently stands, the funding for Maggie's dynavox could be in serious jeopardy. It is difficult to convey how important that piece of equipment is to Maggie's life and that of her classmates. And, of course, the only people who need them are generally the most disabled. All of the cuts disproportionately effect the disabled. It is so harsh.

I can't think about that any more. It's too upsetting. I wish there was a way to focus on the waste and the fraud - because there is plenty of both - and protect the services for those who really need them.

Friday there was a story about Governor Brown hopping on a Southwest flight from Sacramento to LA, refusing the business upgrade that cost additional money AND taking the senior discount. No entourage, apparently no security. Just a frugal man doing the state's business. The surprised passenger next to him said, "Hey, aren't you the governor, I'm a state employee, I work for you." Good for Jerry Brown. Leading by example.

That example needs to trickle down to the the rest of the government employees. Why do I get several letters every month from the various state agencies that deal with Maggie. Why does each letter contain throwaway information? Granted, it may be of interest to some, but why is it being mailed to all? Postage alone must cost a fortune. Why don't they email me? It's free.I know not everyone has access to email, but a lot do.

Why did I witness three Daly City firemen, shopping at Safeway in uniform telling the butchers and everyone else in earshot, that they were waiting for Lobster tails. LOBSTER TAILS? I was excited about the special on Italian sausage and they are buying Lobster Tail? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with firemen being well fed, but I do have a problem with extravagance in this time of fiscal crises. Perhaps one of them was buying it personally, or maybe it was "buy one get one free" day on lobster tail. Somehow I don't think either is the case, though.

If firemen are eating lobster tail, I certainly hope Maggie will be able to keep her dynavox so she can tell everyone how wrong that is.

Ok, I'm done. I know Valentine's Day is a day of the heart, but I don't think the idea is to raise your blood pressure.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone


  1. Sigh.

    I'm working on a post right now that is very similar.

  2. I don't know about in your corner of the world, but here the Firefighters cook/eat out of fund which they all pay into communally. If it's subsidized at all by the department, it's not by a large amount, and it doesn't cover things like lobster on a regular basis. And, if their world is anything like mine (EMS), the amount of food that goes uneaten because we were 'toned out' probably more than chews up any subsidy. I won't lie and say we haven't had a few good meals at the base, but it's a treat not a regular occurrence. That said: California scares me right now. It's terrifying to see budgets being balanced on the backs of those who have little political voice or power. I hope all your (and others in situation) funding remains intact! -T.C.

  3. Hey T.C. If they are paying for it, they can eat all the lobster they can carry. I have zero problem with that. Frankly, I have no problem having the food generously subsidized so they can eat well, but that one was over the top.

    And I really don't know how they do it here, I just assumed the food was paid for - I could certainly be wrong.


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