Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The logistics of my life and very involved. A simple thing requires many steps and considerations before it an happen. Today is a good example.

Poor Brisco, the wonder dog, is injured. We didn't know what was wrong but he started limping over the weekend and by Monday morning it was clear something was VERY wrong. Steve took him to the vet and she discovered a deep and infected puncture wound on his upper leg, wiht a large abcess. He is recovering now, but we have to medicate him and irrigate this nasty wound a couple of times a day. Brisco is relegate to the cone of shame while he recovers.

Today is his follow up appointment. They want to make sure it is healing correctly and, if not, they will have to put a drain in to clear out the infection.  I think it is doing well but I have to take him to make certain. I don't think I have the wherewithal to handle surgery for the DOG.

The appointment is at 1:30. Any other day that would be perfect timing. Maggie gets home around 3 and her nurse arrives just ahead of that to get everything prepared. Except Wednesday Maggie gets out of school early. She generally arrives just before 1:30 and her nurse gets her at 1:00. Except today I told the nurse to come at 2:00PM because I have to go to a wake tonight for Steve's Uncle Tony who passed away last week. I'm not positive I could be back here for the nurse to go home at 9:00 so I'm having her come 2:00 to 10:00.

Maggie could come with me to the vet. It's just a few blocks away. There's just one step up to the entrance and I could probably get the wheel chair in there with very little problem. Probably. But the office is set up in this strange configuration and one exits through a narrow hallway that would be problematic. Not insurmountable, but problematic.

I don't need problematic.

 It's supposed to rain all day, it was hailing a few minutes ago. There is no parking near the vet. If I don't take Maggie I can just walk down there in the rain, but I can't do that with her. I would have a hard time explaining to the pulmonologist that she's sick again because we went for a walk in a hailstorm.

I can make this easier.  I don't want to worry about anything else.  One call to the vet and the appointment is changed to 4:30. Maggie will be here with her nurse and I can dash out with the dog for 30 minutes.

Perfect.  It's so simple.

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