Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky Bunny

Maggie is off school today because it's Chinese New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choy! The Year of the Rabbit begins.We heard lots of fire crackers yesterday afternoon and last night. All is quiet today for the holiday but the celebration continues for a couple of weeks. The big parade is at the end or the celebration on the 19th.

 I have a Chinese Zodiac chart right here and according to this the Rabbit is the luckiest of all signs. It says "You are also talented and articulate. Affectionate, yet shy, you seek peace throughout your life. Marry a sheep or Boar. Your opposite is the Cock" So if you were born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 1999 or 2011, This is your year.

Chinese Zodiac is based on the year of your birth, because it is thought that is the primary factor in determining personality traits, physical and mental attributes, and degree of success and happiness throughout your lifetime.  In this house we have a Boar,(Steve), a Monkey (me), a Dragon (Eddie) a Horse (Tim) and a dog (Maggie).

Do you know your sign?  Give me your birth year and I will tell you.

Maggie is a dog, which means "loyal and honest, you work well with others. Generous yet stubborn and often selfish. Look to the horse or tiger. Watch out for dragons" (Eddie)

In preparation for New Year, Maggie and her classmates used the fish print they make to make their own zodiac sign picture. Here's Maggies and I'm reposting the fish picture too. That fish is the background.

Enjoy your lucky year of the Rabbit!


  1. I'm from the year of the Rabbit and have always felt lucky --

    What is 1995, 1998 and 2001? Those are the years of Sophie's, Henry's and Oliver's births.

  2. 1995 0 Boar - noble and chivalrous, Friends will be life long, yet prone to marital strife avoid other boars, Marry a rabbit or a Sheep (note steve is a boar and we are coming up on 25 years married)

    1998 Tiger Tiger people are aggressive,courageous caring and sensitive. Look to the horse and dog for happiness. Beware of the Monkey

    2001 Snake Wise and intense with a tendency toward physical beauty. Vain and high tempered. The Boar is your enemy. The Cock or Ox are your best signs

  3. Yay, that means I am a boar...or something. Hi, by the way. I'm a long time reader and this is my first comment here, :D


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