Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Warrior

I received this email from Heather, who was Maggie's school nurse for a while. She loved my story from yesterday about Maggie telling me "this is bunk."   2009 was Heather's last summer working in the schools and Maggie was her patient. She is now a nurse practitioner. 

Two things for context:, 1. the school nurse rides on the bus with Maggie because she needs constant suctioning and there are some good hills on the ride and  2) Maggie says yes by bringing her hand up to her mouth. 

 I smiled so big after reading your blog. Did I tell you the story of one of our entertaining drives to school in the summer of 09? So Maggie and I had just left your house in the school bus. We were at the light getting ready to turn up the hill on Stanyan when Maggie started to cough. I flipped around, looked at her, and realized in was suction time. Well....just as I stood up, the bus driver hit the accelerator. I started to stumble, which Maggie thought was the funniest thing ever (it kinda was actually). I walked over and said, "Ay Ay Ay, that was a close one" as she kept laughing. I suctioned her and went back to my seat. As soon as I sat down she started hacking again. This time, I got up and as I was walking to the back of the bus, the bus driver hit the breaks. I stumbled again. She was hysterical. I started to laugh and said, "Maggie, are you just pretending to cough so that I get up and stumble all the way to the back of the bus?" Her emphatic (at least it seemed to be by the swipe of her hand), "YES!" Cracks me up to this day. What a great summer!
Maggie has always had excellent people working with her. It's good to be reminded of that. This is a very typical Maggie story because that girl loves to laugh. She's choking and laughing. Of course, who doesn't?.

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