Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick recap

Maggie's birthday party was fantastic. The Mardi Gras theme was great, but it really doesn't matter what theme you use. The classroom and the people in it is such a positive place any party wold be a success. If any of you are feeling down, I suggest you spend 10 minutes in Maggies class. The joy is infectious.

I am off to an all day class today, Taxation issues in Estate Planning. THAT will bring me right back to earth.  I will post a link to all the party pictures over the weekend. But I have to leave you with one. The class made Mardi Gras Masks using Maggie's face. They were a HUGE hit.


  1. The glittery lipstick looks kind of like Ke$ha--quite the fashionable birthday girl!

  2. Fantastic -- Maggie is so fortunate to have such a wonderful class.

    The masks are so cool!


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