Friday, May 27, 2011

Adios, Adieu, Auf wiedersehen

What do Poland, Vietnam, Tennessee and China have in common?

Give up?

These are the destinations of Maggie’s former teachers and nurse. In the last four years one of Maggie’s teachers, or in one case her nurse, have moved out of San Francisco immediately after spending a year with Maggie.  First, it was the elementary school teacher Ms. Nail landing a job in an international school in Poland. Then her nurse Sally moved to Vietnam to teach English. Last year her high school teacher Ms. 
Taylor moved to Tennessee to be closer to family and now Ms. Derkash is leaving for China.  

Could there possibly be a correlation between teaching or caring for Maggie and wanting to get as far away as possible?


Today is the last day of school and that means we have to say good-bye to Tanya Derkash. It will be hard because it has been such a great year.  I knew after a conversation we had in January or February that she was going to leave San Francisco. She did not come out and say it, but it was clear to me.  As I have mentioned before, this is a hard place for young people to make a life because it is so expensive. Of course, I thought I was so clever figuring out that she would return to Colorado where she was raised.

Uhhh, no. Try China.

China. Wow! I admire her adventurous spirit. It is a red-letter day for me if I leave the City and County of San Francisco and the thought of starting a new life in China just makes me tired. However, Tanya can do it. She will be in an international school with other adventurous teachers, which will make things easier for her. In addition, her big smile, big heart and willingness to jump in and try things give her the perfect temperament for this.  

Still, we will miss her here. Maggie adores her and the energy in the classroom was always positive and upbeat.  Tanya stepped in after Ms. Taylor left and the transition was seamless. Tanya has been at Mission high for several years and already knew the kids before she took over the class.  (Hmm. Let’s review. Same job for several years. Teaches Maggie for one year. Leaves for China. Hmmm.)    

Maggie will get another new teacher in the fall and I am sure he or she will be great. Maggie has been blessed with great teachers throughout her school years.  Of course, at the end of the year, we will be prepared to bid the new teacher adieu as he or she heads off to spend a year in Antarctica.  Maggie just seems to have that effect on people.

Good-bye Ms. Derkash and Good luck. It was a great year and we want to hear from you and your students in China.

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  1.'re looking at it all wrong here ;-)

    The thing is, after looking after Maggie, they feel so confident and empowered that even CHINA looks easy!



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