Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More gruel sir?

Turns out Maggie diets about as well as her mother. One week and it's over.

After a week of cutting her nighttime feeds something was off. I had to call the nurse practitioner today. Mary Margaret is unable to stay awake at school. It's been going all week, since right after we cut her feeds. I waited because her body should adjust to the lower calorie level and I wanted to make sure she was getting enough sleep at night. Last night she was asleep by eight and other than dealing with coughing fits and suction issues she slept until 6:30AM. She slept through all the other procedures. I figured that should take care of it,  but she slept all day in school again.

I left the nurse practitionery a message telling her what was going on. Maggie is not sick, she not lethargic (which is sign of very serious problems) she's just exhausted.  She called back within the hour and said to back to where we had it. Maggie is likely getting hypeglycemic from the change. Where I would go and sneak a carrot --ok a COOKIE -- to satisfy my hunger, she cannot.  But her body needs more energy. 

That's my Maggie. Tough as nails and as delicate as an orchid. 

Tonight we crank up the feeding pump and party all night long.

Barkeep! Vivonex all around!


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  1. Amazing how sensitive the girl is -- I'm glad you can figure this one out fairly easily!


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