Monday, May 23, 2011

Maggie' Magical Night

Here are all thepictures from Maggie's prom. this slideshow is from the shutterfly site we made ( The pictures are in the basic order of the event from the first dress we had to take back to the pooped out prom queen at the end. Family pictures, pictures with the teachers, the principal and the dean and all her friends. My favorite batch is of Maggie and her friend Tyre are trying to reach each other, Neither has great control of their limbs, but they eventually figure it out.


  1. She looked like an "Angel". So glad we can accomadate "all" at proms these days. Her smile makes my heart sing!

  2. Maggie looks like a princess!! What a special night. You and Steve looked pretty spiffy too!

  3. What a blast! Maggie looks so happy, and the photos were wonderful. I'm so glad you shared the whole night with us --


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