Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Stroll

 Maggie and Steve and I decided to head down to Coghlan Beach for a walk this morning. The nice weather of earlier in the week is changing, and we don't want to waste any good days before the storm comes in tomorrow. Man oh Man. I would say that storm is a' comin  because the wind was howling at the end of that spit of land behind the Marina Green and harbor.  We stayed about 30 seconds because it was too much to handle. Of course I can get a picture in about 5 seconds, but I had to make sure those brakes were firmly locked in place.

Steve ran about 1/4 mile back to get the car so we could get Maggie out of the wind ASAP. All of us were having a hard time, though she had her game face on. As soon as we got home, though Maggie just started to cry. It really was overwhelming. And not just for us. It looked like a couple of sailboat were getting a little overwhelmed as well.  . 

Windy, but Beautiful. 

Maggie is happier now.

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  1. It's starting to get a little windy and cloudy here as well -- I wonder if the storm is heading south?


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