Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gray Skies are Gonna Clear up, Put on a Happy Face

There is a strange yellow ball in the sky surrounded by pale blue sky. Hallelujah! Maggie's summer vacation started 10 days ago and this is the first sun we've seen.  It's 7:30 AM, we are getting OUT OF THIS HOUSE in the next 30 minutes. (We have to I have to move the car by 8:00 for street cleaning day.)

One learns to take advantage of days like these. They are far too infrequent. Summer weather in San Francisco is generally about 10 days in June and then again for a couple of weeks at the end of September/beginning of October. This rain cut into the front end. The dreariness really wears on one, especially when you know the summer fog is just a couple of weeks away. It also puts a major crimp in our outings.

 We did manage a walk in the park Sunday but kept one eye on the gathering black clouds and didn't stray too far. On Saturday there was a deluge and Steve was busily rigging up a giant umbrella over Maggie's chair.

 I watched for a while but finally stopped him. I said "this child has not been able to keep her oxygen numbers up for  a month, perhaps a walk in the pouring rain is unwise." Steve just looked at Maggie and said, "I hate it when she's right".  We' drove to the museum at the Legion of Honor instead.

Yesterday Maggie and I went to the California Academy of Sciences which houses the aquarium and multiple other attractions. We can walk there in about 10 minutes, but once again it was raining. We went in the car and parked about 100 yards away. We went inside to find that every single child in San Francisco under the age of 7 was there. Holey Moley it was crowded and extremely loud.  We stayed for a while kind of humoring the situation and one another. Maggie used her talker say "Mom. I want to go. Mom I go to car." That was all I needed to hear - we went for a ride instead.

We did reconnaissance for today's outing, checking out possible parking spots for our outing. There were rumors that the rain was going to end and we are bound and determined to get some sun and fresh air.
We are headed down to the Embarcadero for a walk along the Bay.

If only I had more faith in the nice weather rumors, I would have purchased these glasses Maggie tried on at the Academy of Sciences.

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  1. I hope for sunny skies to continue for you. If you're in the car and keep driving, you can come see us! There's always sun, here --


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