Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today is the 3rd Anniversary of this Blog. I started writing on August 13, 2008 when I thought my nursing was going to be completely cut off and I was going to have to place Maggie outside the home. It was a frantic time and writing about Maggie, her antics and our family life as a result of that kept me grounded. This has been the one place that allows me to really brag about my daughter, rather than reassure others about her health, her worth, or her humanity.

Maggie did not lose her nursing and didn't have to be placed outside the home. Instead, we became the "vendors" and found our own nurses with the State of California, through the Golden Gate Regional Center reimbursing us. That meant I took on the full time unpaid job of nurse manager without anything but on the job training, and this job was in addition to the 10 other jobs I have. But it's been worth it.  In the three years since then, Maggie has been better cared for, stayed out of the hospital far more, and is thriving. This was at no additional cost to the taxpayers of California.

Maggie's antics continue and her sense of humor never disappoints. There are so many things I can share, but believe it or not I actually hold back. Writing this still keeps my grounded and I enjoy doing it. I appreciate all of you who read this, including regular, occasional and accidental readers.The only thing I wish was that I knew more about who was reading this. If you are so inclined, let me know where you are and how you found this blog. leave a comment (click on the small  blue comment below this post) or, if you would rather do it privately,say so and I won't publish the comment.)If there's something you want to hear more of less of, let me know.

 I looked at my "stats" this morning and I just passed 40,000 hits. I  know in the first year there were about 8 people reading it, so things have improved over time. Thanks to all of you for tuning in.


  1. HA HA you know US Sally!! We have been reading for years now and enjoy the antics of Maggie! You probably get a lot of San Rafael hits since we all read at different times. Keep up the GREAT writing!!!
    Amanda and the girls

  2. Happy 3rd Blogaversary! I always enjoy reading your blog. xo Lyla

  3. Well, you know who I am and I just love and admire you and your Maggie. Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Howdy,

    I've been meaning to drop you a line so you know who the person (usually) in Thunder Bay is. One of my browsers is set to your blog as it's home page, so it pops up if I open that browser. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm always curious to see what Maggie has got up to. I am actually a Flight Paramedic these days, but in a past life (well, not literally, just feels like it some days), I was a case manager in a very remote northern Canada community serving high needs kids and their families, so I am always thrilled to see families who are making the 'system' work for the best benefit of the kids and the families. When I blow my back (an occupational hazard...), I'd love to retrain as a speech language pathologist, so I am always interested in how Maggie is evolving in using her Dynavox...I'd love to hear how she got started using ACC. I have a little daughter of my own; Megan, who is an awesome little girl (7mos old now), born after a really tough pregnancy where reading peoples blogs was my lifeline to not going completely insane when I was grounded and then one step back from bed rest. Keep up the awesomeness and the awesome blog. -Mhari

  5. Hi Sally,

    I'm a cousin of Steve's cousin. We met recently at the museum during an impressionist exhibit tour. My Aunt Lorraine told me about your blog. You've caught my attention and I read your blog religiously. Thanks for sharing Maggie's story. I feel like I know her.


  6. Hi! I am the reader from Carrollton, Ga. I have been reading you blog for a couple of years now. I think I found a link to you through the Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs blog. I teach students with multiple/severe special needs and have been doing so for 17 years. I love reading your entries as you remind me of so many awesome parents I have meet through the years. Thanks for sharing yours, and Maggie's story!

  7. Happy Maggiversary! Just shared your card with several families at our family camp. Eagerly awaiting the book!

  8. Hi Sally! It's been many years since we worked together but when I read your blog it feels like yesterday. Laura Smith turned me on to your blog about a month ago and I'm totally hooked on Maggie World! I've been meaning to contact you to say hello and see if we can get together one of these days for coffee or something so thanks for the nudge.
    With Love,
    Karen Corral

  9. Hi, Sally! I am a former Blind Babies Foundation VI specialist, now living in the Sydney area, Australia. I still work with children with VI and other issues. I heard about your wonderful blog from Jeri Hart. Please keep writing!

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth B


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