Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evil Sheila

Maggie and I had a relaxed and fun day yesterday. She kept saying "Mom I go to mall" which is a pretty clear indication that this teenager needed to SHOP! We went to Stonestown Mall because parking is easy and there are a ton of handicapped spaces. We just cruised around enjoying the ambiance, not spending any money.

I was getting Maggie situated to take a picture when I heard a friendly voice behind me say , "I thought I smelled something rotten." Maggie and I both grinned. That could only mean one person: Sheila! She was Maggie's teacher for Kindergarten to 2d grade - which was actually 4 years because Maggie did her kindergarten year twice. Sheila was the first to call Maggie out on her behavior. I sent Maggie off to school as a completely spoiled 5 year old, sheila would say "Something smells ROTTEN in here, It must be SPOILED!" Maggie would laugh her head off. Still does.

Maggie responded very well to Sheila and all the classroom staff. When she was flailing her arms all around they would instruct her to get "classroom ready" and Maggie would still herself. It was amazing. I still use that term once in a while, but I think you have to have a teacher voice to really make it work. Mom voices are scary, but teacher voices mean business! All of Sheilas students are non verbal, or have very limited language skills. She swore if they learned to talk their first words would be "Evil Sheila".  Of course the kids adored her. in fact, as we were chatting another mom approached with her son in an adapted stroller. He is a current student of Sheila's. Nice to know things continue.

I wish I thought to get a picture of Maggie and Sheila, but the conversation was too animated to stop and click a photo. Here's an old one from elementary schol graduation with the whole staff from both the K-2 and 3-5 classes. Sheila is right behind Maggie head and Emily, the 3-5 teacher is sitting at Maggie's left.

 I did remember to get one of Maggie the mall rat a bit later. (If you are on my facebook you already saw this)

Later on she listened to Dad read Harry Potter. She does enjoy the various voices he used. Especially Hagrid and Dumbledore. Not sure which one is happening here, but Maggie seems pretty happy

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Love the pic in Stonestown, God I miss that mall!! I would take the twins there daily when they were learning to walk. Brings back some wonderful memories. Might have to cross the GG Bridge and take the girls there!!


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