Friday, August 19, 2011

Laying in supplies

First week of school and so much to do. I do enjoy the free hours while Maggie is in school, those were in very short supply all summer. However, I am trying to gt myself back into the morning routine. Still lots to do before she gets out of here every morning and I haven't found my rhythm yet. In fact as I started to write this I realized I didn't give Maggie a supplemental feeding this morning. Sheesh! I sent my kid to school without breakfast.

The schedule is different this year. The bus is coming later in the morning and returning a bit later in the afternoon. I never fed her before school before because the night feeds were just turned off. Now with the extra 30 minutes, there is too long of a time between the end of the night feeding and her first feeding at school. Uhhhh. No wonder she looked a little blah this morning. She was hungry. There goes mother of the year. Slipped through my fingers in August!

The first day was all about gathering the supplies she needed for school. This is like the opposite of a squirrel storing up for the winter. Instead of a little bit everyday, we had to get all her supplies set up so that the nurse at school has everything she needs. I'm not talking pencils and notebooks either. I had to gather a stash of her food, tubes, diapers and all pertinent accoutrement for those, braces, equipment etc. Maggie sat in the driveway and laughed as I carried out bag after bag of things to send to school.

For every morning the rest of the week I ran up and down the stairs getting this or that  supply that we left out on day 1. Now that it's Friday I think everything is at school where it belongs.

Maybe now I will remember to feed her.

Forest, meet trees.

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