Thursday, August 11, 2011

Squeaky wheel gets the grease - film at 11

Another crazy busy day but things are falling into place nicely. Maggie and I have already been to the regional center to pick up the monthly reimbursement for the nursing care. I have to hit the bank so I can pay them all before Monday. I was hoping to do that immediately after picking it up, but happily I received a call from the wheel chair repair guy that he was coming over. We hightailed it home. He is here working on Maggie's chair right now.Maggie can't be in the chair, so she's lying in her bed with the ipod right next to her head.  Life is good.

I wrote the other day about the bad wheel on her chair. Steve put an old one on after the front caster wheel broke. The replacement was the wrong size and SQUEEEEEEKED  and flipped around with every move. I assure you I will not miss that. There's more than just the bad wheel, though. She's getting a new tray which should lock into place better and belts that are "Maggie proof*." Maggie is like Houdini trying to show us that she can escape from anything. She undoes all the belts and and is constantly loosening the tray and trying to knock it off the chair. This is not  because she's upset mind you, but just because she CAN and needs to let us know that she can. Now unlocking the lap belt will require using a pen as a "key" which is beyond her coordination abilities, and she will have to learn the tricks of this tray before she will be able to knock it off. I'm certain that's just a  matter of time, but as long as the technology stays one step ahead of her she will be fine.

*we're not sure if this is an attainable goal

Usually I am the figurative squeaky wheel around here, but today we have an actual squeaky wheel getting actual grease! Or getting replaced to be accurate. (hmmm. I better watch out)


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