Monday, September 19, 2011

Satruday at Spreckels

A weekend of sun in San Francisco! Our summer arrived right on schedule, mid September. It will last until about the 6th of October. That was  always so frustrating as a kid. We'd be in the fog all summer and as soon as school started the weather wold be perfect. But I'm not in school anymore. hehehhehehe

Saturday morning we went down to Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate park. There is a model boat club that uses Speckles lake for remote controlled racing, fishing, sailing and even tug  boats. They are very elaborate and beautiful and it's nice to watch them. I prefer the quieter ones to the racing boats, but those tings really zip around. Generally the morning is for the power boats and the sail boats start around noon. We were there late morning and got to see both.

 My father in law is visiting, and this was a great place to walk with him and with Maggie. It's flat and paved  - our favorite combination! We walked slowly around the lake enjoying the boats.


It's been a long time since we spent a morning down there. We used to go with the boys all the time when they were little, but somehow got out of the habit. Now that we've done it again, we will return more often.

On Saturday night I left Maggie with the boys, Steve Grandpa, Tim and my nephew Matt. they all had dinner together and I went with my sisters and my mom to see Diana Ross. I will tell you that lady still has it. A 90 minute show with 5 different dresses, each one more fabulous than the one before and songs from every era of my life. It was a great show.

Just because I'm nice, I'm adding a video from 1979 of Ain't No Mountain High Enough.  That's 32 years ago. She sang it the other night with just as much energy. Amazing!

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  1. Is it wrong that as I read this, I pronounced Spreckles as Schpreckles in my head?


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