Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carlos Santana

Maggie went to an assembly at school yesterday. Yawn. Not big news. Every high school has assemblies. However, not every high school has Carlos Santana play a concert at their assembly. Very cool.

 Santana graduated from Mission in 1967 and according to one news story, hasn't been back since.  Yesterday he came to celebrate Mission's accomplishment of getting an 85% college acceptance rate.Mission is making great improvement in academics in recent years. (maybe since Maggie arrived?) Here is the school principal Mr. Guthertz on the school stage with Santana. (Two men I admire for completely different reasons.)

 He not only played, but had the guitar Club from the school on stage with him for at least one song. Someone from the school posted this video on you tube.

 Maggie and her fellow wheelchair users were right up against the stage and she  loved it. We were listening to Santana all weekend in preparation.  She liked the music and especially liked the fact that I LOVED the music. During the assembly itself, the nurse said Maggie was very fidgety while Santana inspired the kids with his words. He told the kids to remember they were significant and that each individual matters. (I think Maggie already knows that she matters.) She was much more into the music.

I came to pick her up early for a doctors appointment and was talking to a reporter outside (casually, not interviewed) who  was waiting for a cab. He asked if I stayed for the concert and I said, "no. I figured this was for the kids and I was afraid I would embarrass myself because Santana was much more my era than theirs." He was about my age and he laughed and agreed; but he said, Santana owned that room in about 30 seconds because he related to the kids so well. His music is not generation specific at all and his personality and warmth came shining through.

Actor Edward James Olmos and director Peter Bratt were there too.

Not bad for a Monday. Wonder whats up for today?

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