Monday, October 31, 2011

Queen of the Nile

When I was a kid, Halloween was all about the candy. Costumes were simply a vehicle to get those bags filled. For Maggie it's all about the costume.

Halloween is Maggie's favorite holiday. She cannot trick or treat because of the stairs, and even if she could get to the front doors, she could not eat the candy anyway. Still it's her favorite. Perhaps because her father is a creative genius. This year is no exception. Steve may have outdone himself this year.

 Maggie is Cleopatra and her wheelchair is her throne guarded by the Falcons.

Now THIS is a costume befitting Maggie


Lest you thinks any details are missing, note the scepter and the flail as well as the Ankhs lining her tray

Vayna and Betty, the exchange students are embracing this uniquely American Holiday

And here is Gepetto, our resident toymaker, putting the finishing touches on his creation

Her teacher Mr. Garrido (center) and classroom paras (aides) Laura and Eva were ready to welcome her into class

Hope everyone has a great Halloween, candy or no.


  1. Thanks for posting early, we were anxious to see what she would be! Hats off to Steve!!

  2. Fantastic -- I'm shaking my head in utter awe!

  3. Maggie, you are the Queen of everything! Have a blast today, your highness! Luv, Linny

  4. That is really cool. I wish I had such a glorious costume!

    Michael Towne
    UCSF BCH - Child Life

  5. Fabulous-Maggie looks very regal! Hope she had a fantastic day!

  6. I have been looking forward to this all week! Maggie makes a perfect Queen. And she has such a great dad for putting that all together(plus I think her mom is pretty amazing too.)

  7. A masterwork of engineering, creating a marvel befitting a queen, which Maggie is.


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