Monday, October 3, 2011

Salute to Laundry

You cannot imagine the amount of laundry Maggie generates. There is at least one load a day, sometimes up to three. This is of course in addition to the normal amount of household laundry.  I have to stay on top of it or it swallows us. Generally I start a load every morning while we wait for Maggie's bus and then do another when the bus comes back.

A couple of days last week I didn't do that and things started to pile up. The pile gets so large the task becomes daunting I find myself delaying another day, which causes the pile to grow and so on.  I realized we were running out of clean scarves and I had to get things washed to replenish the supply. 

Maggie always wears a scarf around her neck over the trach tube and it is not unusual for her to through eight or ten scarves a day. Maggie has am impressive collection of scarves. They are in all colors and designs, many because people reading this sent them to her. We probably have fifty or sixty of them and use every single one. When the supply is running down, there's no more procrastination, I have to get on it.

Yesterday I devoted the day to getting caught up. There were at least seven loads down there and at least five of those were Maggie's. I folded things and put things away all day. The last of it was done last night while Steve and I were watching television. Folding laundry is mindless but necessary. Television is often mindless but entertaining. It's good to combine the two things

Steve was folding the last of the dozens of Maggie's scarves we washed yesterday. As I went to put the last of them away, I realized folding laundry may not be QUITE as mindless for Steve as it is for me. He didn't say anything, but left this for me to discover. He folded all the scarves normally - except one. The scarf in the American Flag design was afforded proper respect and folded like a flag. I could not help but laugh.

I have to wish my comedian husband a very Happy Birthday today. 


  1. I laughed aloud at that little perfect flag scarf. Awesome.

    Happy Birthday to your man.

  2. Sally,
    A woman in my yoga class had the same shoulder surgery that you had and she said yoga has done wonders for her healing. Just a thought:)


  3. haha! Happy Birthday Steve! I miss having a comedian for a boss.


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