Monday, November 28, 2011

Sneaking around downtown

The school bus was a welcome sight this morning. Maggie has been home for five days and we both need a little change in the routine. She will have fun with others and I can get some stuff done around here.

The weekend was great but busy. We had family over Thursday and Friday and part of Saturday. We all consumed Turkey in various forms. Yesterday everyone was gone. We headed downtown early for our annual stop at the Hyatt Regency to view the Christmas decorations and ride the glass elevators. Maggie loves those elevators.  They overlook the beautiful atrium lobby which is 17 stories high and adorned with lights hanging down several stories from the top.

We have done this for several years now and Maggie starts laughing as soon as we enter the building. Imagine our disappointment, then, when we discovered the Hyatt had installed security measures to keep out the riff raff (us). Now you had to have a room key to access the elevators.

We considered asking the concierge for permission because people rarely deny reasonable requests for Maggie.  Of course if he said no, then where would we be. Being the criminal masterminds we are, we just waited for a guest with a key. That took all of about 30 seconds. A family arrived and were happy to oblige. Sadly they were only going to the 6th floor. However another couple boarded on the 3rd floor. They were a bit grumpy and didn't appreciate the crowded elevator. We just gave a smile and tried to look like we belonged. They put their key in for the 16th floor. SCORE!

Maggie got her elevator fix and was delighted.

We left there and checked out the Holiday Ice Rink in Justin Herman Plaza

Then we walked past the Occupy SF encampment and saw this Barbie Dream House tent.

We figured this must be the high rent district or the encampment - even the 99% has a 1%.

Maggie just wants to know if it has glass elevators.

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  1. We did that exact same trip on Saturday afternoon!


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