Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is coming.

Long time no post....Every time I sat down to write something I ran out of gas. I was fighting a bug all week and simply did not have any stamina. So far Maggie hasn't come down with it, and I hope it stays that way.

We had a rule in my house growing up. We were not allowed to decorate, discuss or even anticipate Christmas  until after my sister Joan's birthday. That's today! I talked to her this morning and won't see her for the rest of the day, so that means I am free to acknowledge that Christmas is coming. Since I was feeling better today we headed downtown early this morning to beat the crowd and check out some of the Christmas decorations.

The best thing about getting downtown early is that it's easy to find street parking. Most of the stores weren't even opened at 9:15 when we arrived. People arriving for a day of shopping would likely not park on the street. They would have to feed the meter constantly. Carrying around all that change would deter them and likely injure their backs. We do not  have that problem when Maggie is with us. We can park pretty much anywhere and put up the disabled placard and not pay a dime. Win Win!!

We checked out the puppies and Kittens in Macy's windows, went through Holiday Lane in Macy's, checked out a couple of other stores, went into the St Francis Hotel, checked out Union Square and we were back home by noon. Very efficient and very festive.

I have to say that the St Francis hotel is fantastic and beautiful, but difficult to navigate with a wheelchair. The front door is not accessible and you have to enter all the way around in the back. It's legal, but not very welcoming. In addition, the glass elevators in the St. Francis are really off limits to interlopers like us. You have to show a room key to access them. I can't really object to that, it is for the safety of the guests but Maggie missed that opportunity. It's almost like the hotels are for the guests or something.

We did experience a "first" while in Macy's. I was taking this picture of Maggie near the nutcracker. A dad was keeping his two little girls out of the shot and it was clear they were anxious to check out the nutcracker. I hurried the picture so we wouldn't hog the spot. As we finished I said, "it's all yours." One of the girls,who looked about 4 years old. was telling us something about what they were going to do. Though we couldn't quite hear/understand her Steve and I both said something like, "that sounds great, have a good time." She frowned and said more clearly "I want a turn getting a picture in the chair that moves".


I grinned as it dawned on me. She wanted to get her picture taken while sitting in Maggie's chair. We are used to kids staring at Maggie. The wheelchair, the computer, the tray, her trach etc. It's a lot for a kid to take in. This was the first time, though, that we ever experienced a kid wanting to use it.  

I just said, "Oh I'm sorry honey, she can't get out of the chair it goes with her." She was fine hearing "no." I smiled at her dad, but he did not speak any English and I'm not sure he realized what had gone on.  Maggie was also oblivious.

 We left. Steve and I were chuckling to ourselves and feeling a little of the magic of the Season. .


  1. I've been convalescing at home as well nearly all week. Now I'm tired of being sick, too, and ready to do the Christmas thang.

    Your photos are so nice -- I love that tree!

  2. I hope you are feeling better. ANd it looks like you all have had some nice adventures in the last week or so. Hope all is well!


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