Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ho Ho, Ho

I love Christmas time. I really do. I love when you see the real Christmas spirit in others. I  love thinking about others and coming us with the perfect gifts. I love getting cards, especially ones with pictures. I love the decorations in the stores (but not too early.) I love excited children. I love coming home weary at 6:00PM and seeing houses and trees decorated with lights. It makes me happy.

 I love it. I  just don't want to DO any of it.

  I want to enjoy everybody else doing all the Christmas things and without having to to it myself. Scrooge? Hardly. Lazy and wary of more clutter? Guilty as charged.

I have cards here waiting to be written. I have some gifts purchased but unwrapped. I am stumped on others. Boxes of decorations are starting to make their way up from the basement thanks only to my husband. I sigh loudly in anticipation of all of it.

I was trying to convince my husband that the house looks perfect as is, but he disagrees.We just finished getting the front steps redone and the artist/contractor who did them wants them to dry for another day. I thought this was the look we should keep for the season, but apparently that's not festive enough.

We will get a tree this weekend and once its up I will be happy and I will surround myself with the joys of the season. I will write cards and bake cookies and wait for Santa. My boys will come home, Maggie will stay healthy and we will feast and share and enjoy.

And I will scoff at those who aren't as into the season as I am.

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  1. I feel much the same way as you. I love the whole Christmas season, with the possible exception of bad malls, but I'd much prefer a sort of Bewitched wiggle of the nose and all would be done.

    Your entry is gorgeous!


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