Friday, December 30, 2011

Out with the Old

2011 definitely had some high points. Not just the Royal Wedding (which, sadly,  we did not attend) but things that happened to to our family.

Certainly having our German exchange students for three weeks was one big one. It was such a pleasure to meet them and get to know them and share this experience with them. They were welcomed to California with two earthquakes. Another high point was the several days we spent in exile in the East Bay while our floors were being done. We had a pool and a beautiful garden to enjoy and came back to gleaming wood floors.  My boys and husband are healthy and happy. My mom is doing well.

Maggie "married" her boyfriend on Valentine's day, had fun at her Mardi Gras Birthday party looked beautiful at the Prom, hung out in a bar, went swimming, saw Carols Santana, dressed as Cleopatra for Halloween and went on dozens of fun outings.  Maggie also introduced us to her alter ego "Melissa" who has been a regular visitor around here for months. (Hopefully Melissa was just a 2011 phenomenon.) She was deemed a truant by the school district (which doesn't know which way is up sometimes) and has nearly perfected her ability to steal things out of someones pocket. She improved her skills using her dynavox tremendously and now orders us around with great ease. Maggie also had to say goodbye to both Ms. Derkash and Ms Taylor her former teachers as they left the area.

There was a big milestone too. Steve and I celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary and snuck away for a weekend. Eddie moved to Orange County and started his full time work life. Tim moved to the suburbs (but he's coming back to the City).We had kind strangers return lost cell phones and people we barely know send gifts in the mail for Maggie.

There were down points too, the biggest being Maggie's health issues that consumed most of the year. She missed special Olympics because of illness. It was exhausting and scary and I hope we don't start off 2012 the same way, though she has a slight fever as I write this. Maggie had so many medical tests this year it was ridiculous. We were at UCSF as much as were were not. That was no fun.

. Other family members faced health challenges as well. I hope 2012 is healthier for everyone.

We had multiple problems with equipment such as wheelchairs, elevators and vans - but right now everything is working. There were ongoing issues with access and attitude. There were weird strangers and people starting, but our repertoire of snappy comebacks is ever improving.

All in all the good outweighed the bad. Despite her health issues, Maggie remains the happiest person on earth. And that happy demeanor makes it so much easier care for her and to handle the harder days.

I think we are ready to take what 2012 has to offer, but I do wonder what the New year will bring. I hope its something good for you

Happy New Year!


  1. I keep hearing from random people that 2012 is going to be a GOOD year. Let's hope so.

    It was nice reading this post and nodding my head to it -- I am glad and grateful to have read your blog this entire year, to recognize many of the happenings in Maggie's world.

  2. I loved catching up a little here after a long break from blogging and reading. I'm sorry 2011 was so difficult health-wise for Maggie - I hope that 2012 is better, far better! (I'm certainly counting on it)


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