Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair cut!

For the past couple of weeks, Maggie was scratching her forehead like crazy. I would hold her hand to stop her especially when I saw how scratched up and injured she was from her actions.(You can see the last of it in the picture below.) We tried various creams and salves to deal with the itching. Nothing stopped it. It took me a while to realize that her hair was bugging her. I would brush her hair back in the morning, but her hair is so fine it never stays where you brush it. It was hanging over her forehead and getting in her eyes. It was past time for a haircut.

I tried to set it up for Monday when Maggie had the day off school, but it couldn't be arranged. Lisa, the lady who cuts Maggie's and my hair could take us Tuesday afternoon. Ok. Maggie gets home a bit earlier on Tuesday, so we could make that work. Maggie was excited. She started talking about it on Monday night. "Mom, my hair tomorrow on Tuesday." By the time she got home from school yesterday she was chomping at the bit to get down to North Beach to see Lisa.

Lisa's shop is a quiet little place on Columbus Avenue. There is a lot of energy on the street, cable cars and buses roll by every few minutes and the the numerous pedestrians strolling by watch you get your haircut. They were treated to a show yesterday. No one like to get their haircut more than Maggie does. She laughs through the entire process and her joy in infectious.

Lisa praises Maggie throughout the whole haircut telling her how beautiful she is. Half the time Lisa is saying it in Italian and that sends Maggie into peals of laughter. It's not easy to cut Maggie's hair becasue she moves constantly and the back of her head is covered by the headrest of the wheelchair. As a matter of fact, Maggie has a large portion of hte back of her head that's almost bald from rubbing against that headrest, but you would never know is when Lisa is done. Maggie looks stylish and trendy. Maggie very seriously checks out all the angles and admires herself in the mirror. I told Lisa that the following picture should go in one of the haircut magazines.  

She went off to school today anxious to show off her new "do" to her friends and classmates. She is going to be disappointed that there is no beauty treatment planned for today. . 

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  1. I wonder what Lisa would do to Sophie's curls? I love Maggie's cut -- it's very chic.


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