Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking Back

My sister in law sent me an envelope full of pictures the other day. These were pictures she brought up for Maggie's birthday party and displayed on the table. There are several, all of which are good, but this one just melted my heart.

It's from 1998. Tim (age 8) is carrying Maggie (age 4) out to the dance floor at my niece's wedding. I love The proud look on Tim's face. I also love that Steve is letting Tim do it, but standing at the ready to support Maggie's head . I wonder if they danced like that.

This is Kelly's wedding in Helena, Montana in which Maggie was the flower girl. I've written about that before in Maggie World: Big Sky Invasion. Seems like yesterday, but Kelly and James are approaching their 12th anniversary and has three lovely daughters, all of whom are older than Maggie is in this picture.

Steve looks a lot younger than he does now, which is interesting because I haven't aged a bit.

Tempus fugit.

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