Monday, March 12, 2012

Now THAT'S a Glamour DON'T

Many years ago I worked with my friend Anna at a law firm. If someone made a fashion faux pas Anna would say under her breath, "Now THAT"S a Glamour Don't!" I would laugh every time. I hadn't thought about that term for a very long time. This may be difficult for some of you to believe, but I am not a regular reader of Glamour Magazine. I don't know if they still have the "Glamour Dont's" section, but boy oh boy, I know one when I see it.

Generally I am a morning person. I get right up and hit the day head on. This does not apply on the morning after daylight savings time starts. As soon as I woke up this morning I joined people all over America (except Arizona) in group denial about the time and grumbled about how dark it was. I thought I had accidentally set the clocks back two hours. Nope. It was really time to get up.

I stumbled downstairs trying to wake up all the way. As soon as I greeted Maggie the sleepiness disappeared. I have seen some strange clothing choices on Maggie and I almost always keep my mouth shut. Not today.

Maggie was already in her chair almost ready to go down to meet the bus. The nurse we have on Sunday night does 90% of the morning madness for me, which is great. Today I had to redo a lot of it.  Maggie was sitting in her chair in THIS jacket and pants combo. Yes, wild geometric black and white print pants with a leopard print jacket and a flag print bandana!

Here's a close up of the bandana in case you can't see it.

I quickly had to assess the rest of the outfit. Maybe I should just not say anything. I wondered what could possibly be under the jacket. I unzipped it a bit and saw a bright floral print shirt. 

Four articles of clothing, four completely and wildly different prints in every conceivable color. I could not ignore or let Maggie go out of the house like this. She looked ridiculous No. this was not going to happen. I don't care HOW dark it is.

When I am dressing Maggie I generally give her a couple of items from which to choose so that she has some control over what she wears. Of course I first make certain that all of the choices work together because people are already staring at Maggie and she doesn't need any additional fodder for the staring. 

I told the nurse this was not OK and that Maggie needs to look at least somewhat "put together" when she leaves. She offered to change her but I said I would do it. As soon as she left I asked Maggie if she wanted to wear things that matched and she pulled her shirt up as if to say, Get this off of me!

We switched the shirt for a solid gray and put on her gray jacket and she was ready to go. I failed to get a picture of the bandana du jour but we went with a lovely green number to offset the look.

It took so much time to change, though. that I didn't have time to dress myself. I met the bus in my bathrobe and clogs. That too is a "glamour don't," but fortunately for me, Maggie can't work the camera on my phone. 




  1. Oh, my goodness. I'm so with you on this. I often joke with my friends and ask them to swear that they will supervise Sophie's outfits if something happens to me. Why do some not care about this very essential thing for our girls?

    I love the way you told this story, though -- full of your inimitable humor.

  2. Fortubately, time pressures did not cloud your priorities or lead you to make a fashion compromise that might have tarnished Maggies's image. Good job! Call me shallow but after the basics of maintaining life and health, nothing is more important to me than making sure Lizzie looks cute and put-together, right down to her glasses, socks, shoes and scarf. Fashion first!

    The photo of Maggie trying to pull the shirt off is a classic.


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