Monday, March 5, 2012

The Village Party

Maggie's "It Takes a Village" party was a raucous celebration. it was a Thank you party to every one of her
'Village People" that helped her not just to get to 18, but to thrive.

There was family, close and extended, friends old and new, teachers and therapists current and former and so many others from Maggie's World. I tried to load this slideshow, but it needs to be in video form and when I put it in video format, it was blurry. Hence I will just provide you with a link to watch the actual slide show. It should give you an idea of the festivities.

Maggie's Party Pictures!!!!!

I can tell you this: No one had more fun than Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I realize there is a typo in the word Stanford.  Perhaps that's because I didn't GO to Stanford (that was for  you, Fiona)

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  1. Wow. I loved every one of those photos -- the ones of Maggie's dad and the way he looks at her so lovingly made me a a bit teary. What a party -- what a girl -- what a mom.


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