Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roll on the Wild Side

My friend Kathleen came by over the weekend. She had something she wanted to drop off, something she figured we could use around here especially after reading last week's posts: Decorative duct tape.

There is a swirly blue and purple one, a leopard print and a zebra print. Maggie can tear and snap parts of her chair with reckless abandon and we can put them back together with a tape that reflects Maggie's persona du jour.

Interestingly, Kathleen did not know that Maggie has a jacket in both a leopard and zebra print. Here's a picture of each with the matching duct tape sticking out of the pocket. 
The possibilities are endless. If we do things just right and tape things up completely, Maggie may just look like a rolling jungle animal. 

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  1. Don't let that nurse help you with the tape, though. The one who combined those outrageous patterns on Maggie --


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