Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wild weekend whirlwind

It is the calm before the storm. My weekend plans, which were already full, just became ridiculously so.

Today I am headed to an all year high school reunion. I went to St. Rose Academy, a girls Catholic school that closed following the 1989 earthquake because the building was damaged beyond repair. They finished out that school year with girls scattered here and there but closed forever in June 1990. That means the youngest St. Rose girl graduated 22 years ago.

Incidentally, I was not in that class.

They had one of these once before and over 900 women showed up. I hear today it's more like 500 - but who knows if there was another late rally. Either way it will be a ton of laughs.

My son Eddie, who lives in southern California,  is in Monterey this weekend at the Sea Otter Classic. Steve and Tim were going to drive down to see him and take him out to dinner. Eddie's birthday is Tuesday and he will be en route to Colorado for another big Bike event, so this was to be his birthday fandango.  The nurse would be here during the day while I went to the reunion and then in the evening, Maggie and I were going to head to another Birthday party. Our friend Michael Aicardi just opened the San Francisco Baseball Academy and he is celebrating his birthday there tonight. But now I have to cancel that appearance.

All plans are out the window because we found out at 9:30 last night that Tim could not get off work. Steve really does not want to drive to Monterey and back all alone and I would like to see Eddie. It was time to reshuffle.  The same nurse was here last evening and I asked if we could switch things around today. She is always very accommodating.

Now Steve is going to watch Maggie while I'm at the reunion until the nurse arrives at  2:00PM. They are heading to the park together. He will then pick me up at the reunion around 3 and the two of us will head to Monterey. It's a 2 hour drive. We will have dinner and drive back. The night nurse is coming at 10PM tonight so Maggie will be covered.  It will be a very long and tiring day, but I'm glad to get to wish Eddie a Happy Birthday in person.

Of course the downside of the nurse arriving at 10PM means that she will leave at 6:00AM and I have to be ready to rock and roll bright and early tomorrow. Then I will finally get to meet Elizabeth, author of one of my favorite blogs a moon, worn as if it were a shell.. I hope she understands why I'm so tired.

And just because that's how things work, Maggie is off school on Monday. Looking forward to Tuesday for a nice long nap.

Update - And now the nurse cancelled for tonight and I won't get any sleep. FABULOUS!

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